Hunan Embroidery City by Xingsha Xiang Embroidery City, Jinxia Xiang Embroidery City, Changsha City, Hunan embroidery composed of three sections; covers an area of 300 acres, including 35 acres of green area of focus, the actual area of 265 mu, building area of 400,000 square meters; is a set of embroidery, clothing, textiles, ceramics, silver and other characteristics of the process of production, performances, shows sightseeing, shopping, leisure and entertainment in one of the cultural industry groups.
Xingsha Xiang Embroidery City - the country's largest production base of embroidery.
Xingsha Xiang Embroidery City is the country's largest ....


Embroidery City regularly organize various cultural and artistic leisure activities, performing arts, cultural exchange between China Expo, all for the public free of charge; has received the Ambassador of Korea, Turkey and other foreign friends counselor, is to understand the culture and art of Hunan window.
December 18, 2005, the first to be held in Hunan Embroidery City's first cultural industry development forum. Vice Governor Xu Yunzhao himself to be as important instructions; China Federation secretary Gengsheng Bai will be.

湘绣城不定期举办各类文化艺术休闲活动,艺术表演,中外文化交流博览,全部面向社会公众免费开放; 先后接待韩国大使,土尔其参赞等国外友人,是了解湖南文化艺术的窗口。

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